Banks That Provide Land Loans

Credit facilities for purchasing land are a service offered to customers who want to invest by banks. Banks may have different conditions for their own land loans, but generally, loans that can be matured up to 120 months are available to customers.

Today, many banks give land loans and wait for their customers to be understood about the conditions.

Land Loan Offer Offered by Good Finance

Land Loan Offer Offered by Good Finance

Good Finance land loan is a relatively low-interest loan package that takes care of the needs of its customers. There are some conditions in Good Finance’s land loan offers. To mention these conditions:

  • The loan to be taken can be termed for a maximum of 60 months.
  • The person who wants to apply for a land loan can apply for a land loan up to half of the land he wants to buy.
  • In order to obtain a loan, the plot applied for must be zoned and included within the boundaries of any municipality.
  • Good Finance has the right to mortgage the lands where the loan application is made for purchase until the loan payment is completed.
  • In case of need, Good Finance reserves the right to demand additional collateral in the loan application.
  • Good Finance requests that the customer take life insurance during the repayment period of the loan if it gives land credit to its customer. This ensures that the bank protects itself against misfortunes that may occur.

Honest Bank Land Loan Offers


Honest Bank land loan is a type of loan offered by Honest Bank to the customers who want to own a land for investment or other reasons.

There are some conditions that must be known before applying for land loan to Honest Bank. These conditions are:

  • Honest Bank only gives the land loan in USD.
  • Honest Bank land loan is a non-commercial loan service offered to individual users.
  • Honest Bank land loan can be extended up to 120 months and can be repaid.
  • If the plot on which the loan will be used is zoned, this plot will be put under mortgage until the loan payment has ended by Honest Bank. In cases where the land is not zoned, the person who will apply for a land loan must show another guarantee to Honest Bank.
  • Honest Bank has determined that the loan application that can be made for the plot to be purchased is not more than 50% of the plot.

Thrift Bank Housing Loan Offer


The loan is at the service of retail customers who want to buy land and need credit for it. Many other banks such as Bank of Thrift Bank loan in the amount of land that can be referenced, have determined not to exceed half of the amount planned for land purchase.

Turkey customers to be fully informed about their nearest Cole Bank loans to have detailed information about the plot and conditions Turkey would be enough to visit the Cole Bank branch.

Other Banks That Provide Land Loans

Across lender land loan and GFI land loan can be counted among other major banks that people who need a loan can apply to buy land.

It offers Across lender’s 50,000 USD land loan offer up to 60 months to its customers. Across lender’s land loan interest rate is 1.59%. Like almost all of the other banks, Across lender requests that a guarantee be shown in order to apply for a land loan.

In order to apply for a Across lender land loan and have more detailed information, it will be sufficient to visit any Across lender Branch and meet with the customer representative.

In addition, GFI provides its customers with land loan offers, where they can mortgage their home and have up to 60% of their homes.

GFI land loan can be matured up to 60 months and the interest rate of the land loan remains constant throughout the process. The closest GFI branch can be visited in order to apply for a GFI land loan and find answers to the questions about the land loan.

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